Apr 1, 2012

Cookies and Cream?

So, I was at a friend's place tonight, tearin up some video games when I was graciously offered a chocolate chip cookie by his girlfriend. I was ecstatic. I never turn down a good cookie. Me being me, I of course supervised the entire process and generally made a pain of myself to the mistress of the kitchen by getting in her way and playing with the cookie dough balls on the cookie sheet. I informed her that I did not believe there was enough cookie in her cookie. I then proceeded to state that would enter my blog tonight and hopefully spread through the Intertubez like wildfire. I also had cheesecake. Anyway, after removing the first batch of cookies, which were burned because of a rudely quiet microwave timer, we scarfed down the second batch. Which were delicious. Also, I had cheesecake. And yes, I am aware I said that twice. It's called emphasis, people. Deal with it. I also killed a gigantic robotic woman piloted by a slightly smaller, psychotic version of the woman. It was fun. Until next time, good people of the world.

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