Mar 29, 2012

Toys and Candy

So, I returned some toys today and bought candy with the money. What does that say about me? Dunno. But it doesn't really matter, I just needed an opening thought. Have you ever slept through a television show and when you woke up realized that your dreams had been heavily and directly influenced by the content of the program you slept through? Me too. It's weird, but the news infiltrates my dreams much more readily than a regular show. I tend to have extremely vivid dreams, and I seem to be uncommonly capable of remembering those dreams. If I have a truly spectacular one, I'll be sure to let all of you who are my most avid fans know about them. That's all for now, more as it becomes available.

Mar 27, 2012

Approaching Aphelion Dusk

Well, it finally happened. One of those inevitable signs of the impending doom caused by the forthcoming energy death of the Universe. I made a blog. I really don't know yet what this blog will be about, but it won't be some random person telling the Internetz about his life and other such nonsense. I don't really like those. It will have a point; I just have to figure out what that point is going to consist of. For now though, it will be whatever thoughts I sense scurrying through the decidedly disturbing minefield that is my mind which I believe the world at large should be informed about. This may include something innocuous such as my opinion of a certain color. It may be a deep philosophical understanding of the fundamental nature of the Universe. Or anything in between. This blog, for example, is named after a short story concept I came up with in college but never got around to actually writing. Anyway, we'll see what crops up, but for now I look forward to chatting with you, good (and not so good), people of the Interwebz.