Mar 27, 2012

Approaching Aphelion Dusk

Well, it finally happened. One of those inevitable signs of the impending doom caused by the forthcoming energy death of the Universe. I made a blog. I really don't know yet what this blog will be about, but it won't be some random person telling the Internetz about his life and other such nonsense. I don't really like those. It will have a point; I just have to figure out what that point is going to consist of. For now though, it will be whatever thoughts I sense scurrying through the decidedly disturbing minefield that is my mind which I believe the world at large should be informed about. This may include something innocuous such as my opinion of a certain color. It may be a deep philosophical understanding of the fundamental nature of the Universe. Or anything in between. This blog, for example, is named after a short story concept I came up with in college but never got around to actually writing. Anyway, we'll see what crops up, but for now I look forward to chatting with you, good (and not so good), people of the Interwebz.

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